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ASBIS nodrošina plašu klāstu IT produktu saviem klientiem visā Latvijā. Lai uzzinātu sev tuvāk esošā veikala atrašanās vietu, apmeklējiet ASBIS dīleru sadaļu

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Novembris 13, 2012
Dell has announced its first multi-touch monitor – S2340T . The S2340T is designed to maximize content creation and media entertainment viewing with a beautiful design, and great screen performance. It also features a multi-position, articulating stand, a 10-point touch and Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution -- placing a multitude of Windows 8 apps and options right at your fingertips.
Novembris 12, 2012
AMD FirePro S10000 is the World's First Professional Graphics Card to Exceed One TeraFLOPS of Peak Double Precision Performance and Unparalleled Single Precision Performance
Novembris 08, 2012
Fast Performance starts here with the 6Gb/s Intel® Solid-State Drive 335 Series. The Perfect Blend of Cutting Edge Performance, Intel Quality, and Value.
Novembris 05, 2012
Latest AMD Opteron Processors with the Next Generation “Piledriver” Core Offer Record-breaking Java Performance
Oktobris 30, 2012
Just after official announcement 2nd Generation of AMD A-series processors “Trinity” gathered a nice collection of awards from press in EMEA region.
Oktobris 29, 2012
Innovate with limitless potential.
Oktobris 29, 2012
New AMD FX line-up brings faster speeds and higher performance core over previous generation to PC enthusiasts and gamers.
Oktobris 22, 2012
Dell jaunumi
Oktobris 15, 2012
New drive delivers SSD-like high performance with the high capacity of HDD.
Oktobris 02, 2012
New AMD A-Series Processors bring faster speeds, high core count and AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series Graphics to do-it-yourself PC enthusiasts and gamers.
Oktobris 02, 2012
Now available: 2nd Generation AMD A-Series Processors.
Oktobris 01, 2012
Find out what’s new in the IT-world and which DELL models will mark the upcoming period.
Oktobris 01, 2012
Get the most out of your people, technology and workspace with new Dell Commercial product brochure.
Septembris 25, 2012
Collaboration Significantly Expands EVault's Reach in Delivering Backup and Recovery Services to EMEA Growth Markets
Septembris 19, 2012
The 3rd Generation Intel® Core processor unleashes amazing performance, brilliant visuals, and increased efficiency.
Septembris 17, 2012
Atklāj jauno „Intel® Pentium®” procesoru iespējas.
Septembris 03, 2012
Unlocked to go even further
Augusts 30, 2012
Lai nodrošinātu Jūsu kompānijas dalību Q3 pārdošanas veicināšanas programmā, Jums būs nepieciešāms apstiprināt šo programmu (ieskaitot nosacījumus un noteikumus).
Augusts 29, 2012
Bringing along its first smartphone Prestigio MultiPhone 4000 DUO, Prestigio takes the first step to enter the fast-growing smartphone market.
Augusts 27, 2012
New AMD FirePro™ S9000 and S7000 are designed to be versatile and scalable to meet multiple data center deployment requirements.
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